Welcome to Haus Detail.

This is the personal site of Hung Doan. If you follow me in other mediums, you know I am into Modernist designs and watches. I geek out on design and horology.

At my day job, I am the IT Director/Technical Lead for a creative visual studio in San Francisco that does Advertising visuals. My day job consist of software development in the advertising space. I develop B2B web properties, digital workflow for ad agencies, and social media analytics. I work with some of the largest brands on the planet.

Here, I do hobbyist photography and I am known to write about watches. I am also available for design, brand, visual storytelling. I cater to the mature audience with discerning interests.




Design is about purity of intent. It has a rich history that needs to be respected.


In terms of design, I have a strict adherence to  aesthetic detail.

I value provenance, heritage, and integrity of design.