Original Vintage (and Modern) Chic

You’ve probably seen that photo above a few times on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media outlets. I am the original photographer.  With over 42,000 views on Flickr, it has been a popular image.  The image embodies my aesthetic style and I am happy to see people embrace it as their profile avatar images.

I’ve been taking watch photos for over 20 years. I’ve create countless images, wallpapers, and stock images over two decades.
I’ve been collecting for much longer.  I am a fan of tool-watches with rich history, provenance, and pedigree. Specifically, I am into the iconic archetype classics. This is a common recurring theme in my pursuits. Watches are like design objects. There are some with iconic, lasting qualities. Many have endured over 60 years of passing fads; thus making them remarkable and enduring. My collecting habit is the same. What looks good in 1957, 1973, 1984, 1994, still looks good in 2016. Many are the archetypes of their genres. Others are simply derivative.

In addition to photography, I write about watches and provide marketing consulting for micro-brands. I also have a wide reach of influencer outreach in the watch space. I like watches and I know people who love them as well.



An Archetype is something like a moonwatch.Since 1957, the Speedmaster has never gone out of style. That is 6 decades of undiluted lineage and provenance through passing fads and trend.