The “Design Classics.”

Simply browsing through these images, you can get a sense of my style. The “Design Classics.” Iconic, enduring, historical,  and full of rich provenance.  They serve as the stage and backdrop for my lifestyle photography. I curate every single little detail down to a throw pillow designed by Alexander Girard. That is the level of focus and detail here. Quite frankly, they are simply beautiful designs that have been tested throughout the ages.

Eames SoftPadXXXX
Eames SoftPad. Aluminum Group debut in 1958.

Design Classics are not born overnight nor they can be labelled to anything frivolously. You simply cannot design or make a Design Classic. Time is the only judge of a true classic. The Classics demonstrate lasting appeal and its provenance is developed over decades. Classics pass turbulent fads and trends of many generations. This is what makes them so special when you have something 70 years old and is still considered contemporary.  If you think an object designed in 1946 was created last year as a modern piece, you know you have something special. Can you tell that an Eames Aluminum Group “Soft-pad” chair is close to 60 years old?

Modern Design Gallery

Most of these designs are over 60 years old yet they look current in today’s setting. Thus, they are justifiable canonized as Design Classics. Le Corbusier, Eames, George Nelson, Arne Jacobsen, and Harry Bertoia. Their works are taught in Design, Interior and Architecture school as well as being showcase in dozens of Museums dedicated to Modern Designs.